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Stella Lightheart - Cover Girl - Abstract ArtistHi Prestbury – it’s my face! 😱

Pop along to see my art at Amy’s Courtyard Cafe & Gallery or Sarturday Gallery in Macclesfield, if it tickles your fancy. 20+ pieces are on display & available. ✨

I also have a few commission slots open & will be about at local markets with more pretty things. See you soon!

PS – there is a typo gremlin in the article – I would like to be known as Stella Lightfoot when dancing, but I am actually Stella Lightheart. (It’s on my driver’s license for each country! My fall-back career is being an international spy.) One does need to be light of foot to be light of heart, however. 💖

Stella Lightheart - Abstract Artist


Pop-Up Shop!


I now have a pop-up shop. These are photos from the set-up at the Oulton Park Family Fun Day yesterday. ✨ I’ll be at the Manchester Levenshulme Market next Saturday, 1st of June, with more pretty things!

I say it’s a shop but technically it’s a stall – though the past week has not been stalled! The event was fully booked & a cancellation on Wednesday saw me slotting in. ✨ It was a fun & frantic three days of painting, print-making, framing & establishing a point of sale system. Resorted to blasting Macklemore for edgy motivation to get it all done – while I may be in the quaint countryside & know how to paint delicate things & sew & wear Victorian ball gowns, I also know how to flow with the best of them. Navigating both worlds is fun!


Exhibiting at Sarturday Gallery!

StellaLightheart_Exhibition_SarturdayGallery_01✨✨ boop boop boop IMPORTANT UPDATE boop boop boop ✨✨

I have my first gallery showing! 12 pieces are on display in Macclesfield at Sarturday Gallery in Brunswick Mill.


UK friends, please pop by! US friends, I didn’t desert you! (Transatlantica is a real place.) Other pieces are selling across the pond with Saatchi Art through their LA-based website. NZ friends, I didn’t desert you either! (Transatlanticpacifica is a real place too.) All pieces are here to view on my website.

I’m coming full circle after a smidge of reincarnation. Many feelings. (I’m an artist – officially! – so I’m meant to be emotional, but, other stuff is happening currently too!)

It’s been a squiggly road … but all the proper adventures have scary hard parts before you get to the shiny things. ✨ & we allllll love shiny things.

A big first step & there’s lots more to do! Thanks for being here. Let’s hop to it! 💖

StellaLightheart_Exhibition_SarturdayGallery_03 12 pieces are available in 3 collections –

Galaxy Collection (first row) – explores the magic that our cosmos is made from & you’re made from that same pixie dust, too! We are all star stuff bobbing about in a rather delightful universe.

Cheshire Magic Collection (second row) – inspired by the magic found in the Cheshire countryside. You can feel it all around – it’s in the air. Slip into the Otherworld for a bit & wave hello to the Wizard at Alderly Edge.

Underwater Collection (third row) – inspired by the ocean & it’s wondrous depths. It may look gloomy deep below, but frolicking into the unknown can reveal treasure.

All at £65 each – if you’d like to take one home, hold on to it as it’ll go up in value! 🌟 I’m planning on making it big!

TLDR; gallery!

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