A Trip to TISPR

This morning, the fine folks at TISPR invited me to their beautiful Santa Monica office.

(TISPR is a fantastic mobile marketplace to buy and sell products from the fiercest freelancers on the planet. Their mission is to let you make a living by following your passion – and to connect the community with other wild service providers, like pantomimes and underwater photographers and volleyball tutors, all in the same place. Highly recommended! )

I offer my illustration and writing services on the TISPR platform and the team were gracious enough to offer to produce a video resume for me. (Thank you!) Their community has so much talent listed  – I’m so happy to count myself among them.

The video should be up in a few weeks – in the meantime, we have photos…

Thank you so much to Lindsey, Graham, and the TISPR team for all the hard work you do!

Stella Lightheart - Illustrator - TISPR

stellalightheart_illustrator_tispr2 stellalightheart_illustrator_tispr3

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