Need whimsical illustration? Commission me on TISPR!

tispr recently featured my magical doodling powers on their freelancing platform. ✨

If you need whimsical illustrations (dorky holiday greeting cards perhaps!?) you can commission me through the app. ☺️

(Download it here – or shoot me a message!)

(TISPR is the free mobile marketplace to locally buy and sell services from the fiercest freelancers on the planet. Their mission is to let you make a living by following your passion – and to connect the community with other wild service providers, like pantomimes and underwater photographers and volleyball tutors. Highly recommended!)

I’m excited to hopefully brighten your day with magical doodles, and grateful to the TISPR team for this opportunity!

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SNAP! Speaking on Animation at Los Angeles Comic-Con, 2016

Jack Enyart, Larry Houston, MJ Lallo, Xavier Manuel, and Stella Lightheart speak on the Scriptwriters Network panel, "TV Toons: From Script to Screen" at Los Angeles Comic Con 2016


A few weeks ago, I spoke about animation at Los Angeles Comic Con on the “TV Toons: From Script to Screen” panel. 

Jack Enyart hosted, quizzing Larry HoustonMJ Lallo, Xavier Manuel and myself about the animation pipeline for television and film. Much gossip, giggles and (hopefully) good sense was dispelled.

The panel was sponsored by the Scriptwriter’s Network – but we mainly covered the ins and outs of production, rather than story. With a background as an assistant manager at places like Warner Brothers and Weta Digital, I’m passionate to foster creativity in business and support those who are behind some of my favourite entertainment escapes. Whilst the creations can be dorky, the work that goes into them is not. Some of the most fun, talented souls I have ever met work in animation and I’m so happy to be a part of that world!

In the photo, Jack’s saying something Marvel-ous. (As per usual!) He’s a man of character, supremely talented, and I hope he doesn’t mind if I now fondly consider him an adopted Uncle.

(We met through my little Volkswagen, Benny the Beetle. When I moved to LA, I needed wheels – then through a stroke of luck, the seller connected me to Jack. Upon learning that he had written for some of my favourite cartoons and comics (amongst them The Jetsons, Johnny Bravo, Pink Panther) it was imperative that I lure him on a brunch mission to talk further. Thankfully, I succeeded. Praise be for breakfast food.)

I’m grateful to have been part of the Los Angeles Comic Con line up, and I’m looking forward to next year’s event!
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The Monsters of Self Doubt


Sometimes, monsters aren’t under your bed – they’re in your head.

And these monsters are far more terrifying than what most people dress as for Halloween.

They like to nibble on your confidence and tell you that you aren’t good enough. That you can’t do things. Never-ever.


Their pronouncements – with mini megaphone – steal happiness from your heart.

Self doubt monsters cause you to not trust yourself – and you’ll probably stop doing things.

Attacks happen when you’re tired, hungry or lonely (tirungly).

We think that “we’re very critical of ourselves” – but, in actuality, we aren’t.

These gremlins are.

It’s hard to escape an abuser on the insider – particularly one who has access to all the secret files in your brain documenting your mistakes – but by reframing him as a niggling gremlin, a little creature full of nonsense, you can make him less scary and more manageable.

You’ll take away the authority of your gremlins and direct your life yourself.

My favourite (well, most prominent, at least) monster is the Whatifski – he disguises himself as a logical staircase, a set of steps to consider. Each step is a “what if?” – and usually, it’s some ridiculous “what if” to stop me from doing something. I’ve found out that the best way to get over his gobbledygook is to build a “why not” ramp to slide up and over that staircase.)

When we stop struggling against self-doubt monsters and see them for what they are – nonsense – we can live as our best selves.

What have those monsters made you give up, miss out on or lose opportunities for?

Imagine what the world would be like if singers didn’t trust their voices, engineers didn’t trust their calculations and leaders were afraid to be different.

Yeah. Yikes.

Let’s go kick some monster butt!


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A Trip to TISPR

This morning, the fine folks at TISPR invited me to their beautiful Santa Monica office.

(TISPR is a fantastic mobile marketplace to buy and sell products from the fiercest freelancers on the planet. Their mission is to let you make a living by following your passion – and to connect the community with other wild service providers, like pantomimes and underwater photographers and volleyball tutors, all in the same place. Highly recommended! )

I offer my illustration and writing services on the TISPR platform and the team were gracious enough to offer to produce a video resume for me. (Thank you!) Their community has so much talent listed  – I’m so happy to count myself among them.

The video should be up in a few weeks – in the meantime, we have photos…

Thank you so much to Lindsey, Graham, and the TISPR team for all the hard work you do!

Stella Lightheart - Illustrator - TISPR

stellalightheart_illustrator_tispr2 stellalightheart_illustrator_tispr3

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The Avocanda

I’ve been thinking a lot lately in terms of “either/or”, “yes/no” and “if this/then” –

And that’s turned me into a little puddle of overthinking.


Turns out, when you’re designing your own life, there isn’t really a “best” way to move forward.

As John Paulos says, ‘Uncertainty is the only certainty, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.’

So, I made a little friend to help with this conundrum.

I hope he helps you, too.



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