Self-Doubt Monsters: Know Them to Stop Them

The Monsters of Self-Doubt Visualised

Sometimes, monsters aren’t under your bed – monsters are in your head, in the form of self-doubt.

They nibble on your confidence. They quibble on your competence.

(They say you can’t do things. Never-ever.)


Attacks can happen when you’re tired, hungry, or lonely – tirungly.

(Or they can happen whenever really.)

It’s hard to stop an attack from a monster in your noggin – but it can be done.

Sometimes, just knowing a self-doubt kerfuffle is happening is enough to feel a bit better. You can choose to listen to the monster – or listen to yourself, instead.

(And while he is scary, it’d be scarier if you listened to him. The world would be very different if everyone listened to their self-doubt monsters. What would happen if adventurers were afraid to explore, or if artists didn’t believe in their paintbrushes?)

Try listening to yourself – and there will be nothing that you can’t do.

But sometimes you need some battle strategies to do that. First you need to know what you’re dealing with. Then you need to know how to deal with it.

Hopefully this field guide will help.

Let’s go kick some monster butt.


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