Self Love


It’s important to be comfortable enough with yourself to live your dreams – let alone eat at a restaurant alone without feeling weird. It’s important to love yourself.

(This isn’t a dodgy innuendo.)

If we seek friends that are like us – then why can’t we like ourselves? Why do we date people that look like us – is that the only ‘acceptable’ way to give self love?

Poppycock. You have value.

(According to sources, it costs $30,000 to hire an assassin: so, you’re worth at least $30,000 to someone out there.)

Sometimes, it’s so hard to believe this.

(Not the assassin thing. But the thing of you deserving love from yourself.)

Please learn to realize that you matter. You are matter. You’re made of particles, and are in fact, matter. SCIENCE!

Sometimes, it’s so hard to believe people when they say that they love you, or say nice things about you too. You think – if they can see it, then it must be really easy to spot: so why can’t you perceive your own value and your talents when you’re the one who spends the most time with you? Frustrating. You are worthy – to complete strangers. Millions of people want to help the impoverished and the neglected. Why should you be any different? (Yes, you’re not starving right now. But your soul is. Here’s a cookie. A soul cookie.)
You’re not a useless human-sludge-piece that isn’t worthy. And don’t think that you’re being selfish by realizing this – loving yourself and being selfish are two totally different things.

Love is a flow – a giving, receiving flow. If you give care to yourself, you can give it to others – tenfold. How is that selfish?

Criticism isn’t effective: especially not on yourself. You’re not going to pull yourself out of your slump by whimpering and rocking back and forth at the bottom of it analyzing how horrible you are. You’re going to pull yourself out by moving up and climbing up and stepping up and going up into the light, appreciating what’s great about you and loving you for you. It’s hard, and it’s not going to happen overnight. But when you love yourself, the world around you changes. When you love yourself, you know what you deserve. When you love yourself, you accept who you are. There’s only one of you.

We feel the best when we love ourselves – and life is about feeling good. It’s about enjoying the things you love and being with those you love – yourself included.

If you think about it, the odds of us existing are pretty small – so, well done, everybody!

Remember that you matter and that you are matter.

I love you.

(Oh dear, I said it first. But you should love yourself, too.)

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