The Monsters of Self Doubt


Sometimes, monsters aren’t under your bed – they’re in your head.

And these monsters are far more terrifying than what most people dress as for Halloween.

They like to nibble on your confidence and tell you that you aren’t good enough. That you can’t do things. Never-ever.


Their pronouncements – with mini megaphone – steal happiness from your heart.

Self doubt monsters cause you to not trust yourself – and you’ll probably stop doing things.

Attacks happen when you’re tired, hungry or lonely (tirungly).

We think that “we’re very critical of ourselves” – but, in actuality, we aren’t.

These gremlins are.

It’s hard to escape an abuser on the insider – particularly one who has access to all the secret files in your brain documenting your mistakes – but by reframing him as a niggling gremlin, a little creature full of nonsense, you can make him less scary and more manageable.

You’ll take away the authority of your gremlins and direct your life yourself.

My favourite (well, most prominent, at least) monster is the Whatifski – he disguises himself as a logical staircase, a set of steps to consider. Each step is a “what if?” – and usually, it’s some ridiculous “what if” to stop me from doing something. I’ve found out that the best way to get over his gobbledygook is to build a “why not” ramp to slide up and over that staircase.)

When we stop struggling against self-doubt monsters and see them for what they are – nonsense – we can live as our best selves.

What have those monsters made you give up, miss out on or lose opportunities for?

Imagine what the world would be like if singers didn’t trust their voices, engineers didn’t trust their calculations and leaders were afraid to be different.

Yeah. Yikes.

Let’s go kick some monster butt!


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