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I'm Stella; an intuitive artist creating from my heart. I grew up in a place called 'Transatlanticpacifica', moving between England & New Zealand & California. I edit other's voices in Hollywood with fancy Academy Award Winners (credits) and I let my own voice sing in paintings. My hope is that these bring you sparkly joy. ✨ Learn more about me here!

Original Paintings

Original paintings by Stella Lightheart. See a painting you love but it's... 

Valentine's Day Collection

I'm so excited that Valentine's Day is around the corner! 💖

I wanted to make something special for you, so I've created these beautiful paintings to celebrate love and happiness. 😘 With Valentine’s Day being the perfect time to show our loved ones how much we care for them, what better way can there be than giving homemade art?

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Bring some magic into your life with Goddess inspired art by Stella Lightheart

Celtic Goddess Collection

Bring some magic into your life with Goddess inspired art 🔮These paintings are for anyone who needs Goddess energy to help and assist them on their journey! ✨ Each piece represents a particular Celtic Goddess and was painted through meditation as if channelling divine inspiration from these powerful figures into form – so you can experience their magic firsthand! 🪄

Get the digital download as my free gift to you! 🎁

Let's Collaborate

Commission me to create an original piece just for you.
We'll chat. I'll twirl about with paint to make it happen.
I'll send progress piccies as it's crafted & allow a chance for changes.

Original Paintings

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