Stella Lightheart, artist


Hi, I'm Stella. I paint because it's magic. With a few brush strokes, I can transport myself to another world – or create one from scratch. I paint because it's a way to express myself and share my thoughts and feelings with others. And I paint because it makes me happy.

Stella Lightheart, original paintings in her studio space

Every time I sit down with my inks, I enter a state of flow where all worries vanish, and I become one with my art. For me, painting is a form of meditation, a way to connect with my higher self. When I paint, I feel at peace and know that everything is possible.

Stella Lightheart, abstract painter

About my Process

I often tell people that I paint magic. Not the kind of magic that includes waving wands or speaking spells, but magic nonetheless. Working with inks, I focus on channelling the feeling of a place or state. Whether it's the energy of a busy cityscape or the peace of a still forest, I strive to capture the subject's essence in my work. Inks are my chosen medium because of their ability to flow and change shape. They're also very versatile, allowing me to create different effects depending on how they're used. For me, art is all about channelling emotion and creating a sense of connection. By working with inks, I want to create magic that everyone can enjoy.

I find myself inspired by the most unlikely of things - Celtic mythology and Californian sunshine. The ancient tales of gods and heroes have always captivated my imagination, and there is something about the sun-drenched coastline of California that just makes me feel happy. Perhaps it is the contrast between the two - the endless blue skies and the green fields of Ireland, or the wild sea and the gentle waves of the Pacific. Whatever it is, I am grateful for both sources of inspiration in my life.