Bring some magic into your life with Goddess inspired art by Stella Lightheart

Bring some magic into your life with Goddess inspired art 🔮

These paintings are for anyone who needs Goddess energy to help and assist them on their journey! ✨

Each piece represents a particular Celtic Goddess and was painted through meditation as if channelling inspiration from these powerful figures into form – so you can experience their magic firsthand! 🪄

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  • Six Goddess designs to choose from... or grab them all 🎨
  • Set as your device backgrounds for daily inspiration 🎉
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Stella Lightheart, artist

About Stella

I often tell people that I paint magic. Not the kind of magic that includes waving wands or speaking spells, but magic nonetheless. Working with inks, I focus on channelling the feeling of a place or state. Whether it's the energy of a busy cityscape or the peace of a still forest, I strive to capture the subject's essence in my work. Inks are my chosen medium because of their ability to flow and change shape. They're also very versatile, allowing me to create different effects depending on how they're used. For me, art is all about channelling emotion and creating a sense of connection. By working with inks, I want to create magic that everyone can enjoy.

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