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Stella Lightheart

'Coventina' - Celtic Goddess Collection, Phone Case

'Coventina' - Celtic Goddess Collection, Phone Case

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Bring some magic to your phone today!

Part of the 'Celtic Goddess' collection, this design was inspired by the energies of Coventina. Coventina invites us to take a divine plunge into the emerald depths of our hearts. Steeped in wishes, purity and innocence, the waters she governs flow with Blajini (water spirits), offering clarity and virtue. This painting is for anyone who needs Coventina's energy and characteristics to help them on their journey.

"Myths have existed since the dawn of time to help us make sense of our lives, and Goddesses have been a staple in these oral stories and written tales. Goddesses are powerful; they embody life, death and everything in between, allowing people to connect intimately with their spiritual and physical worlds. I meditated and received guidance to channel this collection into form. Each piece represents a particular Goddess and their healing energies."

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