Press - In Cheshire Magazine, July 2019

"I want my art to move people. To resonate with them and bring them joy." This is the bold mission statement of Prestbury artist Stella Lightheart, a talented abstract expressionist painter with a love for all things quirky, writes our art critic Malcolm Storer.

Her brightly-coloured canvases, like mini universes, swirl and coalesce into a multitude of rhythms and forms. Some are painted as a series, others are large stand-alone works, their intense acid colours akin to the palette of Russian avant-garde artist Marc Chagall. I went to visit Stella in her studio to find out more."

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Pop-Up Exhibition, May 2019

Press - Prestbury Living, June 2019

"A Prestbury artist, Stella Lightheart, is exhibiting her work at Sartuday Gallery in Brunswick Mill in Macclesfield.

Stella grew up in a place she calls 'Transatlanticpacifica', moving between England, New Zealand, and California.

She worked in Hollywood for a time with knighted individuals & Grammy Winners like Sir Peter Jackson & Jemaine Clement. After editing other's voices, she's now using her own voice and paints back here, in her Cheshire roots."

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