Quote + Contract for a Commissioned Artwork from Stella Lightheart

This Contract is between the Client listed below & the Artist.
Any instruction made by the Client is assumed to be with the agreement of any other interested party.

I, ___________, Client, contract Stella Lightheart, Artist, to create the following Artwork:

Artwork: (i.e. Statement piece for a teal wall, loosely based on the Artist's "Twirling through Galaxies" piece. Fluid, light, bright. Pinks, yellows, gold touches.)
Medium: Alcohol Inks | Size: 4"x6" | Canvas: Synthetic paper.
Cost: $____
Includes time spent confirming aesthetics with Client, time channelling, painting & sealing the Artwork. Commissions are higher in cost than other works by the Artist as the creation process is specific to the Client.
Includes $__ for materials; $__ for inks, $__ for metallic medium, $__ for high-flow acrylics, $__ for pouring medium & gloss, $__ for glitter & sealant, $__ for canvas.
Includes $__ sales tax & 2.6% card processing fee.

The creation process is as follows:

1. Client & Artist sign this agreement. The Artwork & Cost is due in two weeks' time from this day, by ____.
2. 50% of the Cost, $___, is required upfront for the Artist to begin work as a non-refundable instalment payment, paid by debit or credit card via electronic invoice.
3. The Artist orders materials. The Client sends pictures - photos or clippings - of favourite colours, flowers, places, or things that feel like the Client to direct colour & feel of the future Artwork. These images act as Representations of the Client and are sent within three days, by ____. The Client is aware that the artwork is channelled; best care will be taken to ensure a match to the Representations provided, but due to the abstract channelled form, the Artwork will not exactly match.
4. The Artist begins work. Progress pictures of the Artwork will be sent at the end of the first week, by ____.
5. Photos of the finished Artwork are sent & the Cost is due by ____. This final payment, made by debit or credit card via electronic invoice, is the remaining 50% balance of $___.
6. On receipt of Cost due, the Artwork can be picked-up from the Artist in Los Angeles, USA, or shipped worldwide.  

  • The Artist commits to doing her best for her Client. There will be no edits to the finished Artwork - the Artist channels her pieces & one does not edit spirit. Additionally, the alcohol ink medium is volatile; chemicals may unfavourably react making changes to the muse impossible to guarantee.
  • As this is a made-to-order service, the Artwork is unable to be refunded or returned.
  • If there is an expected delay for completion of the Artwork, the Artist will do her best to inform her Client as soon as possible.
  • The Artist retains all copyrights to the Artwork & reserves the right to reproduce the Artwork in any manner in the future.
  • Care of the finished Artwork is the Client's responsibility.
  • If the Client chooses that the finished Artwork be shipped, the Artwork is packaged for best protection & the Artist is not liable for any damage or loss encountered in transit.
  • If any portion of the Cost is not paid when it is due, the Artist may assess a late charge in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the unpaid Cost per month.
  • The Client can cancel this contract with written notice within 14 days after this agreement is signed but will need to pay 75% of the total Cost as a cancellation fee.
  • No change in Cost or Payment Terms will be accepted after this Contract has been executed unless agreed in writing by the Artist; if the Artwork is needed sooner an additional 'Rush' fee can be applied.
  • All prices are quoted in USD & the Client is responsible for any currency conversion fees.
  • There are no understandings or agreements outside of this written contract & if unaccepted this contract may be withdrawn by the Artist within 30 days.
  • You can find the Artist's complaint-handling policy at https://www.stellalightheart.com/policies.

If these terms are accepted, please sign below. Payment of the non-refundable 50% instalment also acts as an agreement.

Signed by the Client: ______________ Date: _____

Signed by the Artist:  ______________ Date: ______