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Stella Lightheart

"Salt" - Original Painting

"Salt" - Original Painting

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Painted to Eivør's 'Salt' - while listening, you feel sandwiched between two epochs. One, back to a primitive time of tribes and shamans, and the other, one of spaceships, aliens and cosmic travellers. 

This is a meditative piece reflecting on possibilities found in ocean depths. The ocean covers so much of the planet and contains many mysteries, yet so much of it remains unknown. Its unexplored depths draw us like a magnet, begging us to question what incredible possibilities lie hidden within. Every beachcomber is enchanted by the ocean's secrets, from sand dollars and oceanic life, to galaxies contained in single drops of ocean water. Even gazing upon a still ocean painting can transport us to a place of complete tranquility and discovering its wonders is an experience that will stay with us forever.

22"x35"; inks & acrylic on synthetic paper; frame not included.

Ships rolled in a tube.

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